Stomach knots, poor sleep, we are all feeling it. What I do notice is when I put my phone away, work in the garden, help my son with his school-work, or exercise – the knots disappear, so I am learning from that. To manage myself and I encourage others to […]

Breathe and Be Thankful

I have been working at home for over 6 years now and I have picked up a few tips along the way to work at a high productivity level – we all work differently so use these as a pick and mix. Remember your school time-table – manage your day […]

Working at home – Keeping high productivity levels

When there is an absence of trust in a working relationship, employees will be reluctant to engage, trust is essential to a productive employee and employer relationship, I have seen the consequences of a lack of trust and it can be very destructive. As Stephen M.R. Covey quotes  When trust is […]

Distrust – doubling the cost of doing business

I have been bitten… I am now an avid fan of Walking Dead. I have watched nothing else over the last few months and I am loving the series. With marathon viewing, I have watched blood lusting zombies treading a ghostly earth and biting into characters I have come to […]

Biting into #TWDFamily

During Christmas we give, share and buy gifts in appreciation for our work colleagues help and support, our families love and to acknowledge our close friendships with others. We know that Christmas comes but once a year and some of the presents we are given change how we do things […]


I did not grow up loving U2, nor did I buy their records, I listened to one of their live performances on the radio many years ago and it was during this gig that I was converted to their music, though my real love for their music came after their […]

We can learn so much with U2 – not without ...

It has been a weekend of losing – the Rugby World Cup will be quieter without the Irish fans in the Stadiums after they lost to Argentina in the Quarter Finals and Daniel O’Donnell didn’t get to do it for the Irish in Strictly Come Dancing. Both have crashed out […]

We lost – What Next?