Biting into #TWDFamily

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I have been bitten… I am now an avid fan of Walking Dead. I have watched nothing else over the last few months and I am loving the series.

With marathon viewing, I have watched blood lusting zombies treading a ghostly earth and biting into characters I have come to know and love. I understand now why Walking Dead has a huge fan base.

What makes it fascinating is the development of the characters and ‘the family’ and how they deal with death facing events in each episode. How Rick Grimes as the Leader has developed into a vigilante who often loses his grip on humanity yet as a viewer I find myself sympathising with his brutality and the decisions he makes. I have watched how insanely the characters strive for survival, their world as they knew it no longer existing. While some characters do survive, others when we least expect are wiped out in an instant.


I applaud the writers of the original comic, the script writers, producers and directors for their work on the series and how it has infected my thinking.

I have had thoughts of what would I do or where would be a safe place, if there was a ‘virus’ infection. What skills do I have now that I could use? What new skills would I need? Could I become a leader and keep a group together, or, would I fall at the first? How would I meet a Daryl? What from this series have I learnt about work and life? My list so far is work in progress, like the characters it continues to develop:

  • I have identified all local resources should a zombie virus happen
  • I have learned that within leadership, it is best to engage with everyone, agree values and rules, who is responsible for what, keep all avenues open and ensure clarity at all times
  • If you have a plan and a number of the group do not agree with it, your plan won’t work, you need to listen to others and together agree the next step
  • Keep looking for a Daryl and if you find one, build a friendship and don’t lose him
  • Have a ‘What If’ plan, in life the unforeseen will always happen
  • When working operationally, support each other back to back
  • Keep healthy and strike while the iron is hot
  • Always keep moving, if you stay still you will stagnate or worse…die
  • Don’t forget who you are and always have hope


So while my mind wanders on Walking Dead, as Daniel Goleman suggests there are benefits to “mind wandering, lists for generating future scenarios, self-reflection, navigating complex social situations and incubating new ideas, to say nothing of giving your brain a rejuvenating vacation.”

Walking Dead is my rejuvenating vacation

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