Breathe and Be Thankful

Stomach knots, poor sleep, we are all feeling it.

What I do notice is when I put my phone away, work in the garden, help my son with his school-work, or exercise – the knots disappear, so I am learning from that.

To manage myself and I encourage others to do the same – I will Breathe and Be Thankful 

I will breathe in for 3, hold for 4 and breathe out for 5. 

Be Thankful – During dinner time at home, I have always asked the family what they are grateful for, mostly I get ‘nothing’ from the teens – though the 7 year old always has a response!  So maybe we should be more childlike in our gratitude and not be afraid to show our true feelings. 

So as I write this I will openly say what I am thankful for:

  • Family – whom all of us are protecting by keeping at home.
  • To HSC/HSE/NHS staff who work so hard and put systems in place to protect our health and our wellbeing.
  • To all key workers who are keeping supply chains going, our essential services turning and helping our Health Service. 
  • For those in government who are stepping up, making decisions and putting financial support in place to help us get through this.
  • My friends, extended family and network who are always sending messages of support.
  • My clients who are all going a difficult time and are making tough and compassionate decisions.
  • To those designing, producing and providing essential PPE,  ventilators and Cpaps. 
  • To everyone who are offering services free online… I can hardly keep up with their generosity or their tasks!
  •  To schools and their immediate support to families.
  • To those in post war government who created the NHS on 5 July 1948.
  • To my husband, who leaves the house to go to work every day, I will do my best to keep a calm household while you are gone and when you come home. 

My final words are to those who are suffering in anyway as a result of what we are facing, I am sorry I cannot help you but I will think of you and your families and I will change how I view life and the time with our families. I have started to appreciate what we have a whole lot more. 

Breathe and Be Thankful

This will pass.

Take care and be safe.


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