Executive Coaching

What is Coaching?

“Coaching is about improving leadership and management performance;  it is about using the inherent wisdom and knowledge the coachee has to find their own solutions.

It is about helping people discover, from their background, from their experience, from their own knowledge, their own way forward” (AoEC)

Coaching opens the door to achieving your best, go on a journey, you decide on your destination.

Orla Rafferty help clients with their work journey and their own personal journey.

Orla Rafferty’s Coaching Values

Respecting others, confidentiality, calmness, patience, happiness and optimism, to listen, challenge, work hard, be honest, open and creative.

Coaching Sessions

Within Orla Rafferty’s coaching sessions clients will develop, achieve their own objectives, change how they work; where required, become more confident and self-aware, reflective and understand how their behaviour can impact on themselves and others in a positive way and have a greater belief in themselves and those they manage.

Orla offers her clients the space to make improvements as to how they work, think and build effective working relationships. Orla will challenge her client’s development in a supportive and constructive way. Her natural and open approach allows her to build up a rapport very quickly.
Orla trained with AoEC Ireland in Executive Coaching, having completing a Diploma in Executive Coaching in January 2015 and International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate in June 2019

“Orla has helped me to become a more self-aware leader by encouraging me to reflect on my behaviours, actions and results. She has provided me with the tools I need to understand how others perceive me and pointed out areas that I should consider handling in a different way. Thank you Orla for your guidance, patience, encouragement and support”  TL