CHRISTMAS BLOGDuring Christmas we give, share and buy gifts in appreciation for our work colleagues help and support, our families love and to acknowledge our close friendships with others.

We know that Christmas comes but once a year and some of the presents we are given change how we do things for the better, particularly new gadgets. However, there are gifts we can give to each other which will have a bigger impact, we could…

  • Ask someone “How are you?” This open question will allow for engagement, it offers an opportunity to develop relationships further by being open and honest with each other.
  • During a conversation, listen to the person speaking, really listen… by blocking out all interferences, ignoring what is happening around you and concentrating on what the person is saying.
  • Ring an old friend or acquaintance and ask them out for coffee, it is great way to reconnect, catch up and help each other out.
  • Get involved in your own community, community groups are always looking for volunteers, particular those with business skills or who are willing to help out in anyway, putting time into developing your own community can only make your community bonds stronger, benefiting every generation.
  • Reconcile any differences, reconciling will lift an enormous weight from your body, the more grudges left unattended to, the more anger or regret or both, will burn in us.Doing this will help rebuild the relationship and free your mind of regrets. Although reconciling doesn’t change the past, it may be of great benefit in the future.
  • Give your time to your family. Christmas is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, developing our communication and relationships with each other, having fun and laughing together.
  • Give time to yourself, allow time to think and solve your own problems, developing your self-awareness. Think about what motivates you, what fulfills you and your relationships with others. Self-reflection can help you to understand yourself, which will have a positive effect on you, your behaviour and your family.
  • Finally smile – when you pass by someone, or when you talk to your friends, family and work colleagues. Smiles are easy and inexpensive for you to make and give away. A smile can help others, it can make you and the other person feel happy

“…smile at each other- it doesn’t matter who it is – and that will help to grow up in greater love for each other.”

Mother Teresa

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