“Orla Rafferty was employed by McMullen Architectural Systems for a total of 15 years, during which time Orla contributed to the significant growth of the business as it evolved. During that time she worked quickly, effectively and presented practical solutions to meet the demands of a growing Company. Orla provided good advice strategically and operationally. I would recommend Orla to any business; Orla is a very experienced HR professional.”  Ted McMullen, Managing Director, McMullen Facades Ltd

“Orla provides a challenging and thoughtful foil, helping sharpen focus on priorities. The coaching experience also helped challenge unhelpful or outdated thought processes that were getting in the way of achieving success, and better working relationships. I’d recommend to anyone ready to move to the next level of effectiveness.”  –  SME Owner

“Orla Rafferty’s coaching sessions were very practical and provided me with a workable plan to review the business due to its ongoing growth.  Orla Rafferty challenged me through her coaching techniques providing the highest platform to work from and created the space for me to think, do and complete. I would highly recommend her coaching services.”  – Michael Scott, Managing Director, Firmus Energy

“Orla helped me realise the importance of taking the time and effort to review how I approach situations and how subtle changes in course can have significant wins. I found the experience extremely beneficial and started to see improved results in my performance immediately” – Chris, Senior Manager