We can learn so much with U2 – not without U2

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I did not grow up loving U2, nor did I buy their records, I listened to one of their live performances on the radio many years ago and it was during this gig that I was converted to their music, though my real love for their music came after their gig in Botanic Gardens in 1997.


Their recent gig in Belfast’s SSE Arena fulfilled my expectations, they do everything so well and we can learn from them as business owners, employees, or as a member of any organisation. Here is why…


U2 know how to do business, they entertain, satisfy their customers and have their customers reaching out and willing to pay for more.


U2’s customer service leaves no one disappointed, their gig allowed those from all areas in the venue to have an enviable view of the concert. In this iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour wherever you were seated or standing you had a great view and we all got a little bit closer to the band than ever before.


U2 emulate team work and how to work independently, each band member brings their own talents, allowing each one of them to have their time in the limelight. They work in co-ordinated perfection, like other bands they support each other and they know when to stand back and let each other shine, they know each other’s strengths and weakness and use them to create super work.


U2 know how to be creative and technically advanced. They removed the traditional stage backdrop and used a two-sided display that hung over the center of the arena. This display showed visual pictures, they reflected the history of Northern Ireland and reached into our own cultures acknowledging the era of the troubles with sensitivity.


U2 engage with their customer, Bono handed a smartphone to a woman he brought up onto stage and the pictures were then streamed so we could all see it.  Bono also brought two young people up from the audience to play guitar on the mini stage and we all became part of the band.


U2 take a moral stance on war, conflict, and use their talents and their profile to encourage peace and influence governments. During the gig Bono sent messages of support to those in conflict.


U2 work hard at their friendships and working relationships lasting almost 40 years! No fall outs! What an achievement!


U2 deliver on their promises and offer value for money, when the gig was over, I felt it was money well spent. I would spend another £100 on a ticket tomorrow. It was a true rocking experience, the sound, the visuals, the music and usage of different stages – Brilliant!

Well done U2 for a great gig and eXPERIENCE! I certainly found what I was looking for!

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Bono making his entrance Thursday 19 November 2015 SSE Arena, Belfast

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